LEHI, UTAH (June 20, 2013) – SirsiDynix has delivered more than 100 improvements to Horizon and HIP over the last year, with many more improvements planned for the year to come. The releases of Horizon 7.5.2 and Service Pack 1 for Horizon 7.5.2 included new features such as SMS (text message) notices, RDA support, new Spanish and French translations, and a PIN reset feature in HIP. Both releases also included fixes for issues Horizon libraries identified with their systems. Future versions of Horizon will bring integration with the SirsiDynix BLUEcloud Suite, a next-generation library services platform designed to augment both Horizon and Symphony with cloud-based features, as well as continued development of new features in Horizon itself.


“We remain absolutely committed to continued support and innovation for Horizon,” said Bill Davison, SirsiDynix CEO. “We worked hard to deliver the features and improvements Horizon libraries needed over the past year, and we’ll continue to aggressively support our customers’ investment—and our own investment—in Horizon. We’re committed to developing new BLUEcloud products that rely on both Horizon and Symphony, and we’ll certainly continue to develop new features for both Horizon and Symphony. Both Horizon and Symphony libraries will be able to take advantage of all the products in SirsiDynix’s BLUEcloud Suite initiative.”

“Horizon is a cornerstone of our software development strategy,” said Sheridan Richey, SirsiDynix VP of Software Development. “Our new BLUEcloud Suite relies on both Horizon and Symphony. It’s some extra work initially to develop for both Horizon and Symphony as we create the BLUEcloud Suite, but the end result is a suite of powerful products that draws on the best of both systems. Our customers are the real beneficiaries of this BLUEcloud strategy.”

Libraries wanting to know more about Horizon or the BLUEcloud Suite can call their SirsiDynix sales representative or visit


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