LEHI, UTAH (June 27, 2014) – SirsiDynix today announced BLUEcloud Campus, a next-generation library services platform (LSP) which was designed for the needs of academic and research libraries and will also benefit schools. Built on the state-of-the-art SirsiDynix BLUEcloud architecture, BLUEcloud Campus is designed for libraries looking for a comprehensive and seamless integration of best-of-breed components from SirsiDynix and resource providers such as EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO).

“We’ve spent the last year building a collaborative partnership with EBSCO that will help us deliver enhanced functionality to the academic and school marketplace,” said Bill Davison, CEO of SirsiDynix. “This LSP will give academic and school libraries electronic and physical content management tools designed for researchers and students, as well as integration with education-specific programs like learning management systems. Working with a world-class organization such as EBSCO allows us to leverage the valuable metadata from EBSCO Discovery Service and bring this unique product that includes resources from both Sirsidynix and EBSCO to our industry. We believe BLUEcoud Campus will change the way we think about content and the ways it can integrate with a library services platform.”

“BLUEcloud Campus leverages the EDS API for mutual customers, providing a powerful and tightly integrated solution, catering to both academic environments and schools,” said Neil Block, Vice President of Discovery Innovation, Academic Libraries. “The combination of EBSCO content, products, and services with SirsiDynix BLUEcloud modules will provide great value to both staff and end user.”

BLUEcloud Campus is characterized by its openness and service-oriented architecture. The goal of BLUEcloud, and the origin of its name, is to capitalize on the SirsiDynix vision of helping customer libraries achieve – and, in turn, offer to their users – the Best Library User Experience with industry-leading cloud architecture.

“BLUEcloud Campus breaks down the barriers between global information silos to get content into your carefully-curated collection,” said Rick Branham, VP of Academic Libraries at SirsiDynix. “It uses web services to bridge the gap between content repositories and your library, allowing your users to easily discover materials from hundreds or even thousands of subscription databases and journals alongside your own collection, with sophisticated relevancy ranking and facet-based search limiting to help users to find the best resources to meet their needs.”

The BLUEcloud Campus library services platform sets itself apart as a truly open system with a scalable, proven foundation. In BLUEcloud, openness was not bolted on as an afterthought. The service-based architecture of BLUEcloud is based on the web services and APIs available through the SirsiDynix’s integrated library systems. BLUEcloud Campus libraries have access to these same APIs and web services.

BLUEcloud Campus provides libraries with the best of both worlds—industry-leading content and content management tools seamlessly integrated within a powerful library services platform from SirsiDynix. “This is what the marketplace has been asking for,” said Bill Davison.


About SirsiDynix

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