SirsiDynix announces eResource Central™ next generation e-resource management

June 24th, 2011

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PROVO, UTAH (June 24, 2011) – SirsiDynix, the world’s leading provider of library automation solutions, today announced its development plans for SirsiDynix® eResource Central™, a next generation electronic resource management solution for libraries. As announced at the SirsiDynix North American User Group Conference in April, eResource Central will bridge the gap between content providers and users, enabling libraries to manage and deliver e-resources seamlessly and cost-effectively while also handling traditional collections with proven solutions in use today by more than 3,600 customers worldwide. Research and development for the solution are currently underway, with supporting functionality scheduled for release in 2011 and 2012.

“In response to overwhelmingly positive feedback from our customer base at our North American and EMEA user group conferences, we have designed and are currently building a solution to support all aspects of our customers’ e-content management needs,” said SirsiDynix Chief Technology Officer Talin Bingham. “Our libraries want to make e-books, e-journals, digitized collections and all types of e-resources available in a single, seamless, integrated experience for their users. eResource Central will make that wish a reality.”

For library users, eResource Central will provide access to all library resources, including e-books and e-journals, via a single user interface. This simplifies requests, downloads and matching of compatible e-books and e-reader formats. For libraries and library staff, eResource Central enables cost savings and simplifies the process of delivering content of disparate sources and formats to users by managing licensing and access rights; maintaining MARC records and metadata for library e-resources; integrating e-resource usage into circulation reporting; and managing electronic content acquisition and creation. To further support our library customers, eResource Central will also provide end-user tools to simplify the e-resource access and download process.

eResource Central will offer economies of scale for customers, taking advantage of SirsiDynix’s cloud environment and expertise to reduce the need to load and index e-resource collections locally while maintaining the library’s ability to present staff and end users with a single discovery interface for all library resources. With more than 750 customers and 1,000 product implementations in the SirsiDynix cloud, eResource Central will build on time-tested and proven technology.

SirsiDynix Chief Operating Officer Bill Davison said the project is gaining momentum with early interest from many content providers looking to expand their library market access by participating in the e-resource solution.

“We are excited by the response eResource Central has received from content providers and the large-scale benefit it will provide our library customers,” Davison said. “This initiative is a direct response to conversations we’ve had with hundreds of libraries, about their needs and frustrations. eResource Central has potential to be the comprehensive, state-of-the-art solution they are looking for.”


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