October 24, 2016, LEHI, UT— SirsiDynix is pleased to announce the alpha release of BLUEcloud Acquisitions. BLUEcloud Acquisitions is the SirsiDynix solution that revolutionizes the collection development and acquisitions process. SirsiDynix released the BLUEcloud Acquisitions alpha release to development partner SAPLN, the South Australian Public Library Network. SAPLN has been closely involved in the development of BLUEcloud Acquisitions since its inception.

BLUEcloud Acquisitions is the product of a unique partnership with SAPLN. For more than 20 years, SAPLN built and maintained their own acquisitions software, improving the workflow over time to maximize business efficiency and deliver real savings to its libraries. The contribution of SAPLN’s invaluable expertise led to an unprecedented collaboration effort and an acquisitions solution that provides libraries an opportunity to increase their negotiating power with vendors. As a cloud-based solution, BLUEcloud Acquisitions provides concentrated control over all steps of the acquisitions process, delivering centralized and localized purchasing, budgeting, collection development, receipt handling, invoice handling, and exception handling with optimized consortia workflows for large library systems.

Commenting on the development process and alpha release, BLUEcloud Acquisitions Product Manager Mike Hilmo said, “SAPLN’s testing has provided valuable feedback. After our long partnership, we are pleased to deliver this release to SAPLN and can’t wait to bring it to the rest of our customers.”

As BLUEcloud Acquisitions moves toward general availability, this release brings added functionality and improved features. New capabilities include searching and managing orders, approving and sending orders to vendors, and assigning selector limits.

The South Australian Public Library Network (SAPLN) comprises every public library in the State and works collaboratively to provide a service to all South Australians. In addition to sharing a common library management system, SAPLN’s public libraries benefit from a State and Local government partnership which includes free Internet and WiFi access, free membership and borrowing rights at all libraries, free delivery of any collection item to customers at all libraries, and library materials in over 20 community languages. Public Library Services (PLS) is a business unit of the Libraries Board of South Australia and operates within the Department of State Development (DSD).

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