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January 7th, 2016

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January 7, 2015 LEHI, UT—SirsiDynix is pleased to announce BLUEcloud Visibility, a groundbreaking product that allows libraries to bring their resources to the open Web and tap into the enormous power of search engines. Only a tiny fraction of all searches for content start within the library catalog, effectively rendering enormous amounts of library content invisible. BLUEcloud Visibility changes all that by transforming MARC data into search engine-accessible resources that can be easily discovered, accessed, and consumed by all Web users. Additionally, catalog data is paired with physical library locations to enable geo-locating, so that patrons searching on the Web will see results pointing directly to their local library.

BLUEcloud Visibility allows libraries to increase their relevance to their community and access an exponentially larger audience. Previously absent in search engine results, MARC data now has the potential to be placed in front of thousands of eyes every day on the open Web via BLUEcloud Visibility. Working in partnership with Zepheira, SirsiDyinx is proud to bring this revolutionary product to customers worldwide.

“We are very excited to see the release of BLUEcloud Visibility,” said SirsiDynix CEO Bill Davison. “SirsiDynix is proud of this powerful, much-anticipated product. We are thrilled to offer a visibility solution that enables libraries to reach users wherever they are.”

Please refer to the BLUEcloud Visibility Release Notes for detailed information about these and other changes, including a list of specific product enhancements and minimum required ILS and Web Services versions for access to new features and functionality. SirsiDynix libraries that would like to begin using BLUEcloud Visibility to improve their online presence should reach out to a SirsiDynix representative.

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