May 9, 2016, LEHI, UT — SirsiDynix is excited to announce the one-millionth digital content download through eResource Central (eRC). eRC is an electronic resource management and discovery system that simplifies access to library resources by uniting physical and digital content into a single discovery interface. Digital content is made readily available in the library catalog, downloading with only a few clicks of a mouse and without re-directing to external vendor sites. Currently, eRC libraries have access to more than 9,000,000 titles from 11 content providers with many more providers in the process of joining.

Over the last year, the number of content downloads via eRC has risen dramatically. From January of 2015 to January of 2016, the number of content downloads more than doubled, reaching over 95,000 downloads in the month of January 2016 alone.

The increasing number of eRC content downloads is of great significance to the industry. eRC is a relatively new solution on the market and has been implemented to great success by libraries worldwide. The SirsiDynix electronic resource solution is unique because it does not require users to redirect to and navigate external vendor interfaces to access resources; the 1,000,000 downloads have been provided directly through library catalogs, without requiring that the bibliographic records for eRC’s 9,000,000+ titles be loaded into library databases. eRC maximizes title offerings while minimizing management burden on staff.

“We are excited by the rapid increase in the number of eRC downloads,” said SirsiDynix CEO, Bill Davison. “eRC is a valuable product that brings simplicity to libraries and library users. The increasing number of eRC downloads indicate patrons are taking advantage of this great resource. SirsiDynix looks forward to helping libraries amplify their resources through eRC.”

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