SirsiDynix expands Horizon™ ILS functionality with 7.5.1 release

February 25th, 2011

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PROVO, UTAH (Feb. 25, 2011) – SirsiDynix, the world’s leading provider of library automation solutions, today announced the 7.5.1 release of the Horizon™ integrated library system. With this release comes the 3.21 release of the Horizon Information Portal (HIP), including enhanced patron-facing functionality for Horizon customers worldwide. This Horizon release also sets the stage for the forthcoming Horizon Web Services release, which will allow Horizon ILS library sites to utilize the SirsiDynix BookMyne™ iPhone application.

“The Horizon 7.5.1 and HIP 3.21 releases represent a continued commitment to our library customers running on these systems,” said Talin Bingham, SirsiDynix Chief Technology Officer. “We are proud to support our Horizon library customers with enhancements that reflect current library needs and trends, and streamline operations for library staff.”

Library customers in Australia, New Zealand, North America and the United Kingdom participated in Horizon beta testing the last few months. The 7.5.1 release, while primarily intended to integrate UK functionality into the Horizon ILS base code, also extends the following staff and patron features:

  • A new Horizon Stock Rotation module, which allows libraries to manage stock rotation by group or by individual item(s);
  • Duplication checking within Acquisitions and the MARC Editor when creating or saving PO or MARC records;
  • Circulation enhancements, including the ability to apply fees for checkouts and renewals, or to restrict circulation based on Itype group;
  • Enhancements to requests, including the ability to set a maximum number of requests on a title by a single patron and the ability to inhibit or allow requests against materials on loan to the requester;
  • Automatically updating “last authentication date” field within HIP, which enables libraries to more accurately capture overall library use by tracking authentication transactions.

“The enhancements in Horizon 7.5.1 really sped up our circulation and acquisitions workflows,” said Marlene Johannes, system administrator for the Municipal Library Consortium of St. Louis County. “The enhancements to notices and receipts really got people excited. This upgrade also gives us more control, from extending our ability to manage checkout limits to more effectively managing borrower records.”

Horizon ILS library customers interested in the new Stock Rotation functionality can purchase this add-on feature separately, to be activated by the SirsiDynix Client Care team. For more information, the complete Horizon 7.5.1 and HIP 3.21 release notes are available on the SirsiDynix Client Care Website.


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