PROVO, UTAH (March 25, 2011) – SirsiDynix, the world’s leading provider of library automation solutions, is pleased to announce the release of SirsiDynix® Web Services for SirsiDynix libraries running the Horizon™ ILS. With the Horizon Web Services release, Horizon libraries gain advanced tools for accessing, customizing and sharing their data. By installing Web Services, SirsiDynix Horizon libraries can also benefit from the full functionality of the SirsiDynix BookMyne™ iPhone application, the 2.1 release of which is available today.

“Web Services has been an extremely popular and powerful tool for our SirsiDynix Symphony® libraries since its release last year,” said Talin Bingham, SirsiDynix chief technology officer. “The functionality it enables – for extending, manipulating and sharing data – can now service our entire customer base. We’re thrilled with this development, and proud to expand our Web Services offering to support Horizon customer libraries.”

With this Web Services release, Horizon libraries can access the full suite of Web Services components, plus recent functionality additions including:

Web Services provides library system administrators simplified access and tools for quickly responding to the needs of library staff and users, and opens the door for even greater compatibility with third-party systems and programs. Web Services for Horizon libraries also gives Horizon libraries and users access to and representation via the BookMyne iPhone application. With BookMyne 2.1, available to all SirsiDynix libraries with a free installation of Web Services, library users can now search by title, subject or author (in addition to keyword search).

“BookMyne 2.1 is a significant release in that it provides equal mobile support for Symphony and Horizon libraries, but also because of the mobile advancements it represents,” Bingham said. “We have some exciting user-facing developments in the works this year, and BookMyne 2.1 is part of that sequence.”

For more information on BookMyne 2.1, visit Additional information on Horizon Web Services is available on the SirsiDynix Customer Care website and at


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