SirsiDynix Reveals Progress on BLUEcloud Lists

March 18th, 2015

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LEHI, Utah (March 18, 2015)—SirsiDynix is pleased to announce the development of BLUEcloud Lists, an upcoming reading-list tool, planned for initial release later this year.

BLUEcloud Lists will use a bookmarklet to harvest metadata from virtually any web resource and add the item to a reading list. Authorized users will then be able to publish these lists to SirsiDynix Enterprise and request ILL or purchase for items outside of the library. Academic libraries will also be able to push lists to course reserves and link them to course pages in Blackboard and other learning management systems.

Staff and users alike will be able to use this tool to create reading lists from diverse media across the web, uniting titles from resources like the library catalog, scholarly journals, online bookstores, and YouTube.

“This is an important update for today’s libraries,” says Bill Davison, CEO of SirsiDynix. “BLUEcloud Lists will give library staff a tool for collecting information from diverse resources, organizing these resources into meaningful lists, and publishing the lists for easy discovery by their users.”

BLUEcloud Lists will also simplify daily work in libraries. By saving titles in the library catalog to BLUEcloud Lists, library staff will be able to create worklists and push them to other apps in the BLUEcloud LSP.

“BLUEcloud Lists is just another example of how interconnected the BLUEcloud LSP is,” Davison added. “We’re excited about the possibilities this product adds for our customers, both for their everyday tasks and for the larger goal of educating their communities.”

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