SirsiDynix announces SirsiDynix Portfolio™ 4.1 digital asset management

June 30th, 2011

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PROVO, UTAH (June 30, 2011) – With the 4.1 release of the SirsiDynix Portfolio™ digital asset management solution, content management and discovery is improved with a sleek redesign and highly refined search capabilities. The Portfolio solution builds upon SirsiDynix Enterprise® search and discovery, adding digital asset management capabilities, optical character recognition (OCR) technology, Open Archives Initiative compatibility for Web harvesting, and classified security capabilities for restricting visibility of confidential materials by user or group.

“Major corporations, cultural institutions and government entities rely on Portfolio to manage their digital collections,” said SirsiDynix Chief Executive Officer Matt Hawkins. “Portfolio 4.1 delivers with a sleek interface for presenting those materials and industry-leading classified security technology to ensure that digital items or groups are protected with the security level appropriate for each. Portfolio provides an economical and streamlined solution for both.”

The Portfolio solution is designed for a broad swath of libraries, and it has the toolset to reflect that. State and public libraries utilize Portfolio digital asset management to make unique local collections available to their community and beyond, while academic and special libraries utilize the Portfolio toolset to centralize digital information and tools for simplified search and content management.

With the Portfolio solution, libraries of varying types and missions are empowered to:

  • Gain relevance beyond the library community by exposing digital content to Web crawlers through OAI-PMH compliance;
  • Provide full-spectrum search results and enable access to previously unsearchable items through in-text (OCR) search and optional harvesting of library-selected websites or external resources;
  • Localize record-keeping with customizable metadata fields, and ability to cross-link an unlimited number of records for easy reference;
  • Organize and share multimedia collections including PDFs, video, audio, Web pages and more, and preserve historical collections with support for major standards for the archivist;
  • Restrict or limit access to protected assets, item-by-item or batch, through the Portfolio platform’s accountability control settings. Optional access control and authentication management features can also accommodate different viewing privileges by individual user, group or location.

For more information on the Portfolio system, visit www.sirsidynix.com/products/portfolio.


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